Exciting announcement!


Hello everyone! It’s been a really long time since I published anything on here. I hope you’re still interested in my posts! You reading my poems means more than a lot to me! Life has been very hectic. I hope you are all doing well and that you’re taking good care of yourselves.

I have something exciting to announce!! I’m making illustrations to some of my poems from this blog to publish on a platform! I’m not going to give you all the details just yet, but I would like your help! I’d like to know; which poems of mine do you personally like the most? Which poems would you like to read with illustrations?

Please comment below! Thank you!!

// Lena


Your great pretend


You cruel, yellow eyed piece of shit

With all that I am, I hate you

You’re the one digging the pit

If only everyone knew

Your thorns are being glorified

And it’s too much for me to take

They’re painting you with glitter

You poisonous, vicious snake

What could we, that knows, do

to get the world to understand

That you, evil, sickening monster

are getting out of hand

They are all putting ornaments

on the horns that’s on your head

They have all been in so much pain

but they don’t know that it’s you they fled

The empire you have built will fall

Your time will come to an end

And the ones who didn’t know it all

will be aware of your great pretend

– Lena

It just flows from within


What I am writing?

I don’t even know

It just flows from within

from my highest high and lowest low

The poems and songs

they can even surprise me

I don’t always know about the feelings

until the words are there to see

That, my friend, is why

I have my notebook so very dear

It somehow helps me realise

and hunt down every fear

– Lena

I cry at night


Yes I cry at night for what you would call no reason

Life is just really hard, even though it shouldn’t be

I am better now, yes this is a better season

But things just aren’t good cause I’m still me

I am thankful for the improvements

And I feel bad for feeling pain

I should be dancing with happy movements

But I’m not strong enough to be singing in the rain

I promise I will try, yes I am already better

at looking for the things that come from light

I will look at memories, read every letter,

try to convince myself my future is bright

– Lena

Have you ever…


Have you ever ended up in your bed crying because someone else just went in the shower when you planned to take one? I did just now. And that made me realise yet again how stressed I am. How things are just building up inside me every single day, until it finally flows over at night because of some stupid little thing. I’m such a mess people!

Nowhere near my arms tonight


You are a star somewhere

Far away, up in the sky

I can see you shine

And I know that you are mine

But I cannot feel you

You are nowhere near my arms tonight

– Lena

Hi! It’s been a while. I haven’t posted anything on here since September. I have a lot on my plate right now so I probably wont be able to be super active, but I want to start using this blog again, as a place I go to just empty my thoughts. I feel like I really need it.

Wish me good luck!

Loving you forever

And through pain and unfortune, I will continue loving you. Forever.

Dearest friend

You are the love of my life

For a crazy moment of love

I will continue breathing

Sweet love

You are my soulmate

Trough denial and painful days

I will continue fighting

You, I, He, She

A love under colourful skies

Just us two, nothing to do

But continuing our story

Dearest person

You are the sweetener of my life

And trough pain and unfortune

I will continue loving you


– Lena